Hold Me New Collection

Hold Me Company is pleased to announce the addition of five new Hold Me Bags to their line of makeup organizer bags. The new additions are “Beauty Stars”, “Cherry B”, “Fleur de Lune”, “So Sofie”, and “Beauty Birds”. These five new Hold Me Bags join the “Classic Black” and “Miss Suki” bags. The Hold Me Company continues to keep a “spotlight” with “special pricing” on one bag, a portion of those “spotlight” sales donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “We are pleased to add these smart new patterns to our line and offer a larger variety of selections. As more and more discerning women have recognized the importance and convenience of safe storage for their cosmetics and brushes, we have needed to add more pattern choices to answer our customer requests,” states Cheryl Cooper of Hold Me Company. The Hold Me Bag is the only all-in-one makeup organizer bag that incorporates the best features of an organizer, makeup bag, and brush roll, in a modern way. The patented design keeps cosmetics and brushes perfectly stored yet within easy access for daily use as well as for travel. Recommended by makeup artists and beauty professionals. Link:


Beachwear for Kate Middleton by Melissa Odabash

This year Melissa Odabash will design a Beachwear collection for Prince William's brighd-to-be - especially for the romantic honeymoon. Gorgeous deluxe beach outfits by the American star designer are also available online at BeachFashionShop.

Perfect fits and exclusive fabrics that feel pleasant on the skin: Kate Middleton has been a huge fan of deluxe designer Melissa Odabash for years and loves her elegant and playful beach creations like many other top celebrities in the world.

Whether summery tunic dresses, filigree embroidered caftans or soft, shimmering triangle bikinis: even if Melissa Odabash's collection for Kate Middleton will not be available in the stores, UK fashionistas will be able to create their own royal-glam beach style with the fantastic bikinis, deluxe tunics and hot accessories of the star designer.


Dolce & Gabbana's new campaign

The team here at Models Direct have just been checking out the full set of recently released images from Dolce & Gabbana's new campaign, and we must say we’re impressed.

The black and white images, shot by Steven Klein, capture Isabeli Fontana, Alessandra Ambrosio, Maryna Linchuk, Izabel Goulart with mouths wide open and brows frowning.

One shot even catches three of the models draped in black lace, looking as though they are in mourning.

Of course, the usual looks aren’t completely neglected; we’re still treated to a few sultry gazes and pouts here and there.

But overall these models are showing real emotion and expression in their faces and poses, which Models Direct


Crutcheze launches Facebook store

Crutcheze, a leading manufacturer of comfort products for mobility equipment, such as crutches and walkers just launched a Facebook Store, which offers fans the ability to shop without leaving Facebook.

Using Crutcheze Facebook store is very convenient. The store is located on a “Shop Now” tab at the top of Crutcheze Facebook Page. Just click on the tab and featured products will appear. If you don’t see what you are looking for simply click on the Browse Category and a list of standard product categories, such as Underarm Crutch Pads, Underarm Crutch Bags, Walker Padded Hand Grips, Combo Deals and Clearance Outlet will appear for you to select items from. Add items to your shopping cart, provide shipping and Paypal payment information to complete the order. It’s that easy!


Ugg boots

Coming of fall and winter women's clothing style in the street, women with hats, mittens and fur everywhere. Jeans is the most used in the winter as easy to compensate. Also the change of shoes sandals and brings cloest take Ugg boots which can keep hot women's feet around the body.

Ugg boots is like cotton padded shoes which contain inside plush. However, they are very different, Ugg boots is sheep's clothing, but shoes quilted cotton is cotton. The sheepskin meterial keep feet warm as cotton. Without feeling cold, women can go without heavy clothing. The styles are different, cotton padded shoes style is simple witpadded shoesh ugly you can only use at home or olders many use on the street. Not the best option for young people, however, the style of Ugg boots is mutative, dynamic, colorful. From tall to short, black with white ballet, ugg boots Ugg Cardy to, women of all ages can find the best shoes on the market.

Double use of the Ugg boots can use at home or just outside, with stylish Ugg boots, women can easily do with it. The different colors can be mixed with different styles of clothing. Buy neutral colors like brown or brown. In this way, you can use with any team, however, could also buy uggs in pink or purple (for girls) and uggs blue and green (for boys), although it would be much more difficult to carry with your clothes. Many women wear shorts UGGs. Usually look better with denim shorts that are above the knee but you can experiment with different types of shorts such as unique patterns, bright colors, or different species may be material . Tuck your jeans into boots. A really "winter" outfit is to wear jeans tucked into uggs shirt with a lighter or darker color (like white or red), along with a fleece jacket, scarf, or hat. They are also used in skirts and shorts in winter is an increase. Uggs look great with almost any skirt or shorts that are above the knee and in some cases, below the knee, but above the ankle. It really depends on what color ugg boots you have. Of course, you should not wear a lime green skirt with purple uggs. Yongers 20 years can try over wide-legged jeans. It's very nice to roll the jeans a bit and put it on the boot.